Easy Ride

Entry level kite

ER is an entry level kite designed for training, comfortable and pleasant ride of kiteboarders of any level.
Designing this kite, we applied a new technology — a semi-valves. The semi-valve is a something between a
conventional open air intake and a wedge-shaped valve. We have combined the main advantages of the
valve design and open intake, but without the inherent disadvantages. The kite take-offs smoothly, without a
shooting, like a valve-kite, allowing you to control yourself in any wind. When landing — quickly deflates
and does not create a strong traction, increasing the safety and comfort of riding as an "open" kite.
As usual — only high-quality materials — NCV and Liros.
What more?
1. New aerodynamic reflex profile.
2. Very smooth surfaces — due to well combined amounts of surface tension.
3. Depower system — with the standard scheme 1 \ 2−1 \ 4 and adjustments to the stability or thrust of the
All of that mentioned things allowed us to get a nice and easy kite for riding in a wide range of wind
strength with remarkable for its class performance and maneuverability, soft-loaded bar, excellent stability
in maneuvers and gusts.

Technical data

Area, sq. m7101215
Span, m5,9277,78,66
Projected span, m5,76,3977,7