Speedy Gonzales

Mini-paraglider for high-speed flights.

Speedy Gonzales is a mini-paraglider designed for various types
of high-speed flights. Soaring in strong wind over the ridge, fast flights
from high mountains, simple maneuvers of acro— this is his field of
The wing is built on a complex combination of high-performance
aerodynamic profiles, therefore with a small loading it allows
an experienced pilot to easily soar in the thermals and even to fly XC
Also, due to meticulously chosen aerodynamic profiles we have got
very comfortable behavior of SG at the take-off — even in a strong
wind it never «over-shooting», and smoothly goes to the flight
Due to the trimmer system SG has a big speed range.
Some design features:
 — the high-performance aerodynamic profiles
 — the surface tension differentiated by the span of the wing
 — removed backward air intake
 — the trailing edge reefing system
 — the soft-links on the risers
 — the trimmer system
 — the brake handles with magnets
Wing materials used:
 — surfaces — Skytex E25
 — ribs — Skytex E29
 — reinforcement of ribs — SR series
Lines system:
upper / middle / lower / control — Liros DSL / TSL / TSL /

Technical data

Area, sq. m151821
Span, m8,79,610,3
Projected area, sq.m.12,715,217,8
Projected a.r.3,84
Projected span, m77,68,3
Rider levelExpertAdvancedIntermediate
Flattening, %0,84
Min chord, m0,730,790,86
Root chord, m2,012,22,38
Total lines length, m189200215
Lines height, m5,45,96,4
Lines schemeA//B/C
Trims, mm120
Speed system travel, mmNOMONO
Glider weight, kg3.5*44.2*
Total flight weight, kg50−10080−11080−130