Aero Master

Biplace paraglider

The biplace paraglider AeroMaster designed for a wide variety of
flying purposes — the training flights with students, the recreational
flights with friends, the commercial use in the mountains (or on the
flatland with winch) and many more.

Aero Master — 42 got the EN-B class in the Air Turquoise certification center

Aero Master passport

To get as a result of our work a wing that meets such requirements
and make flying of the tandem pilots safe and comfortable, we
tried to optimize the design of the wing and the risers as much as
Very easy take-off and landing, dynamic comfortable handling,
excellent aerodynamic performance and ease of use — this is a
outstanding characteristics of our tandem wing.
Here is some design features:
 — high performance aerodynamic profile
 — surface tension differentiated by span
 — removed backward air intake
 — mini ribs at the trailing edge
 — trailing edge reefing system
 — removable webbing of trim tabs
 — brake handles with magnets
Wing materials used:
 — surfaces — Skytex E25
 — ribs — Skytex E29
 — reinforcement of ribs — nylon SR series
upper / middle / lower / control — Liros DSL / TSL / TSL / DFLS.

Technical data

Area, sq. m384244
Glider weight, kg7,67,98,2
Total flight weight, kg120−180140−220170−250