Air Flow

Training wing

Air Flow is an initial-mid- level training wing. It is intended for novice and weekend pilots.
The canopy has 42 cells, aspect ratio 5.2, completely all braided slings — for maximum safety
and ease of use.
At the stage of testing and testing, Air Flow performed well in a variety of conditions — both on
the flatland and in the serious mountains. It is always very comfortable — when you take-off on
the winch, when soaring in a strong wind over the ridge, at the take-off from a steep slope in the
Himalaya, and even in strong mountains thermals.
Everytime when flying AirFlow you feel safety, what allows you to concentrate on your flight
task — due to the excellent handling and high stability of the wing in turbulence.
Design features:
 — the high-performance aerodynamic profiles
 — aerodynamic and geometric twist of the wing
 — the surface tension differentiated by the span of the wing
 — removed backward air intake
 — the brake handles with magnets
Wing materials used:
 — surfaces — Skytex E25
 — ribs — Skytex E29
 — reinforcement of ribs — SR series
Lines system:
upper / middle / lower / control — Liros DSL / TSL / TSL / DFLS.

«AirFlow in size 30 is certified now in class EN A«

Technical data

Area, sq. m24262830
Span, m11,211,612,112,49
Total lines length, m292334377417
Total flight weight, kg60 -8070−9080−10090−115