Performance for cross country

FireStarter — new lightweight paraglider of the EN C / Performance class for XC flights.
It is intended for a wide range of pilots — for those who have flown enough on the wings of EN
B and want to improve their capabilities in flight, for regular flying pilots who want to reduce the
weight of their backpack, and, of course, for those who are going to a bivouac adventure in the
FireStarter has a very easy and safe behaviour for the wing of its class. Also, it has excellent
controllability and behavior during thermalling — it easily maintain the given radius in the core
and at the same time responds quickly and without harshness to the control actions of the pilot.
Due to the new generation wing profile with high aerodynamic performance and special
moment characteristics, FireStarter got excellent pitch stability. The result of this became two
1. high passive safety,
2. "floatability" - the wing does not lose much of the gliding angle in the turbulent air.
In flight and during the operation of FireStarter, the pilot will feel such features of the
 — a small load on the accelerator bar. On long glide there are fewer physical strains;
 — excellent stability and gliding angle at maximum speed;
 — pleasantly loaded brakes with a quick, balanced, but not sharp response. Any complicated or
torn thermals is not a problem for climbing;
 — lightweight wing design. This gives an easy start from the limited areas, less packing volume of
the backpack, comfortable ground handling with the wing;
 — high-quality wing materials have excellent strength and durability.
Some design features of FireStarter:
 — System of high performance aerodynamic profiles
 — A complex system of aerodynamic and geometric twists of the wing
 — Differentiated by span surface tensions
 — "Drowned" air intakes
 — Rigid-foils in rib noses and on upper surface
 — Highly optimized inner design
 — Double diagonal ribs
 — Mini-ribs in the trailing edge
 — Reefing system on the trailing edge
 — Handle brakes with magnets
 — Connection lines to the risers by "soft links"
 — upper surface leading edge — Dominico 30DMF 30g/m2
 — upper surface rear part — Skytex E3H 27g/m2
 — lower surface — Skytex E3H 27g/m2
 — loaded ribs — Dominico 30DFM
 — unloaded ribs — Skytex E91 27g/m2
 — rib stiffeners — SR series, nylon rods
Lines — Liros DC, Liros PPSL, Edelrid A8000U

«FireStarter in size 25 is certified now in class EN C«

Technical data

Area, sq. m20,521,62324252729
Span, m11,6311.9112.3212.5912.8513.3513,84
Projected area, sq.m.17,0717.8719.1219.9520.822.4824,1
Projected a.r.4,82
Projected span, m9,,78
Closed cells12
Flattening, %0,83
Tip chord, m0,570,590,60,620,630,660,681
Root chord, m2,132,192,532,312,362,452,54
Total lines length, m235241250254259265279
Lines schemeA/A`/B/C
Trims, mmNO
Speed system travel, mm130130150150150150150
Glider weight, kg3,33,4*3,5*3,63,94,3*4,4
Total flight weight, kg55−7060−7565−8075−9080−10090−110105−125