Smart Progress

Easy and safe all-rounder for students and beginner pilots, an ideal first wing

Smart Progress is designed especially for a wide range of paraglider pilots — ambitious graduates
of flight schools, occasionally flying weekend pilots, novice XC pilots.
Comfortable, safe and easy to use paraglider SP will help almost any pilot in the opening of the
fascinating world of free flights.
Some design features:
 — the new generation of aerodynamic profile
 — a complex system of aerodynamic and geometric twists
 — the surface tension differentiated by span
 — removed backward air intake
 — rigifoils in the ribs
 — double diagonal ribs
 — mini ribs at the trailing edge
 — trailing edge reefing system
 — soft-links on the risers
Wing materials used:
 — surfaces — Skytex E25, E65
 — ribs — Skytex E29
 — rib reinforcement — SR series, nylon rods
Lines system:
upper / middle / lower / control — Liros DSL / TSL / TSL / DFLS.
Risers — 15 mm nylon webbing, dyneema soft links.
Our pilots are very pleased with the results of the work on the wing — the paraglider SP has an
incredibly pleasant maneuverability, intuitive behavior when climbing in thermals, excellent
stability in pitch and roll in turbulence, simple launch even in strong wind.
But most important thing is safety. We performed our internal tests of the wing in conformity
with EN — symmetrical and asymmetrical collapses (large and small, as well as on trim and
maximum speed), exit from deepstall and from high angle of attack, full stall, B-stall, behavior in
deep spiral… And even "big ears"! 
SP was very safe on all these modes. Now we can confidently assume that Smart Progress can
get the EN B safety class.

Technical data

Area, sq. m2325272932
Projected area, sq.m.19,2520,9222,5924,2726,78
Projected a.r.4.15
Projected span, m8,99,39,6710,0210,53
Tip chord, m0,750,7770,8070,8370,879
Avg chord, m2.422.532.632.72.86
Total lines length, m260274285295311
Glider weight, kg4,24,85,15,45,7
Total flight weight, kg60 — 8070 — 9080 — 10590 — 115110 — 140