High-performance biplace paraglider

VOYAGER wing, the wing is designed as a lightweight tandem with an aspect ratio of 6.2.
Voyager is designed for tandem cross-country flights and intended for experienced pilots.
Please pay attention to the fact that Voyager has higher requirements for the pilots level.
The pilot must have experience in piloting EN-C class paragliders.

Technical data

Area, sq. m384143
Span, m15.2515.816.23
Projected area, sq.m.32.1534.7236.43
Projected a.r.4.67
Projected span, m12.25 112.713.04
Tip chord, m0.250.260.27
Root chord, m2.973.093.17
Lines height, m336391430
Trims, mm+70/-20
Speed system travel, mmNO
Glider weight, kg7.4*7.68.1*
Total PPG flight weight, kg120 — 180140 — 220160 — 240